Airsoft Vs Paintball – Which is more Painful?

Lots of people are interested in guns, but don’t own one because of the safety concerns. This is where games like Paintball and Airsoft come in, as they provide them the chance to indulge in their love of guns. But, before you decided to opt for any of these games, you first need to figure out what hurts more paintball or airsoft. Your tolerance for pain can help you make the right choice. To find the answer, you need to understand the two sports first.

Airsoft was introduced by the Japanese in 1970 and this shooting game involves the use of a gun-like device that players use for shooting airsoft pellets. Paintball is quite similar to Airsoft in several ways, but the guns used in the game are larger and paintballs are used as projectiles. As compared to Airsoft, paintball projectiles contain dye, so they leave a mark on the player.

As far as determining which game is more painful, you should remember that there are many factors that can affect the answer. The pellets used in Airsoft are much smaller and tend to be less dense, but they move quickly. On the other hand, paintballs move slower, but are bigger. The projectile’s density means that they cause more pain. But, there are other factors that also determine how much pain you experience.

For instance, paintball gear involves protective clothing and not wearing it would mean that it will hurt more. Airsoft does not have full protective clothing, but requires protection for the face because the pellets can do a lot of damage. Furthermore, the hurt you experience in both paintball and airsoft will also depend on the direction of the wind and the distance of the shooter. If the direction of the wind and pellets is same, it hurts more and if the shooter is closer, it will hurt more.