What’s a Great Way to Break the Ice between Your New Team Members?

Corporate environments are always getting filled with new faces and building new teams. Whether you have a small business or a big one, you want your teams to work in harmony rather than dissonance. The first thing to bring your team members and multiple teams closer is to break the ice. Most people struggle with initiating a conversation but you can always help them with this.

If you have a team that’s growing fast and you are wondering how you can help the members become familiar with each other and break the ice, here is a way you can try.

Play Airsoft or Paintballing in Groups

That’s probably the best way for you to make them interact with each other. The games are so popular nowadays that you can find a paintballing or airsoft center near you. These games allow players to interact with each other and have a great time. If you can make them smile, you have already broken the ice.

Yes, it is true that these games can be pretty competitive, but if you can keep an eye on things and control people’s emotions, you can make things work. It is however recommended that you know what hurts more paintball or Airsoft. They are both shooting games and some people might not be comfortable with getting hit.

Protective Gear Is a Must

It does not matter which game you are playing, you have to wear the protective gear you are provided. Do know that paintballs can be more painful than airsoft balls. While paintballs don’t hurt that much too, some people are not a fan of wearing protective gear.

If you get hit in the back of the head or face, it could be painful. It is, therefore, sensible that you make everyone wear protective gear when they participate in the game.